PREMAnet e.V. was founded and registered as a non-governmental and non-for-profit organisation in 2005 in Bonn, Germany. The Association consists of individual members who are trainers and consultants for PREMA change processes and is governed by a Board which is elected every two years. PREMAnet is also open for institutional members who disseminate PREMA type methods.

PREMA country-networks have been active in Bolivia, Central America, Mexico, Mercosur, Peru, Venezuela, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Currently, PREMAnet has some 50 members in 16 countries. Actually, active local Communities of Practice do exist in Algeria, Peru and Thailand.


The Board 2020 - 2022


joyceChair – M. Salman Butt
Lahore, Pakistan

Salman has been active in PREMAnet for several years and was involved in the development of methodologies and materials for Good Housekeeping, Resource-Efficient Chemical Management, and Sustainable Energy Management, mainly in the Asian region. He has 17 years of experience and heads Espire Consult in Pakistan working on various development cooperation projects for sustainable production and circular economy.



joyceVice Chair – Malai Chomphuka
Bangkok, Thailand

Malai is a Doctor of Public Administration and holds an MBA in International Business and a BS in Engineering. She has a huge experience as CEFE trainer and is an expert in combining business development and resource efficiency. Malai is one of the most seasoned members of PREMAnet. Her engagement in and for ThaiPREMAnet has made a key contribution to the successful acquisition and management of resource efficiency projects, e.g. in the automotive sector, and the documentation of a large number of PREMA success stories.



 martinSecretary – Martin Felipe Wohlgemuth Pinzón
Bogota, Colombia

Martin Felipe holds a Magister in Business Direction, a specialization in Markets and a Diploma in Psychology. Martin Felipe is an experienced Sustainability-, CSR-, Productive-, Environmental Management consultant, facilitator, trainer, and coach of highly competitive IT sales teams with more than 10 years’ experience in planning, estimating / selling / executing of State funded and multi stakeholder projects. He has successful in the field experience. He is Licensed PREMAnet consultant and trainer. He is also the editor of PREMAnet Newsletter.



edith Treasurer - Dr. Edith Kürzinger-Wiemann
Königswinter, Germany

Edith holds a PhD in Economics and Social Sciences and is one of the founders of PREMAnet e.V. As team leader of the GTZ P3U project she developed with her team several PREMA training-cum-consultancy modules. Since then, as a freelance trainer, consultant, coach and publicist, she has worked in many countries to disseminate enhanced and innovative PREMA-type approaches with different change agents, at company, project or regional level, e.g. Profitable and Climate-Friendly Management, Sustainable Management of Industrial Areas (SMIA-GEDZI) and of Climate-Resilient Industrial Areas and Municipalities.



edith Member without specific responsibilities – Gayane Arzumanyan
Yerevan, Armenia /Samara, Russia

Gayane holds a Bachelor in Management and a Master Degree in Finance Management. She is an expert and experienced master trainer for business development (including CEFE method) and in coaching of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for start-ups and more resource-efficient and profitable production. As an active member of PREMAnet since several years she was involved in the development of methodologies and materials for implementation of PROREMAS in Armenia and PREMA training in Ukraine.



Country Networks

  • Thailand
  • Algeria
  • Peru
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