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triplewinPREMA is an eye-opening way to reduce production costs and gain competitive advantage, manage change in resource use effectively, and to become an environ­mentally and socially responsible organisation which is prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

PREMA training and consultancy programmes lead to four types of benefits:

  • Economic gain competitive advantage and resource-efficient innovation reducing production costs and costs per unit (thus enhancing productivity)
  • Environmentaladapt green business practices by enhancing resource efficiency (raw material, water, and energy), minimising carbon and water footprints, and using materials and energy preferably from renewable sources
  • Organisationalagile and resilient business operations, effective implementation of improvements, and bottom-up/cost-effective achievement of certification (e.g. PREMA, ISO, etc.)
  • Socialimprove risk management and working conditions, retaining satisfied and productive employees and positive relationship with customers and the community.

Interactive and creative PREMA methods add new competences, capabilities, and skills to the valuable experience and know-how of change agents, thus ensuring the sustainable implementation of improvement measures. This combination generates success stories during the day-to-day work, leads to continuous improvement in resource use, as well as to tangible steps towards a Circular and Inclusive Economy.

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