Bangladesh is famous for its textile industry but also for its environmental problems with regard to chemicals. Chemical Management (CM) has been a successfull tool for many companies to meet the international requirements of textile associations and large clients.


Chemical Management (CM) plays an increasing role for the Indian industrial sector, as they have to meet international regulations. The first programme, applying the PREMA tool CM is under development.


PREMA modules like Good Housekeeping and EoCM have been successfully applied in Indonesia for several years. Current projects rather focus on climate change aspect, where particularly EoCM provides interesting tools for the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions in a simple and applied way. This helps enterprises to judge their daily operation in the light of climate change abation.


PREMA has been an integral part in the sustainable business development programmes of the German Technical Cooperation – gtz. This download provides an overview of achievements with PREMA in China.

pdf Overview China.pdf


In 2008 Thailand established a  PREMAnet country network due to the huge success and increasing interest of PREMA. In 2009, the country network initiated a programme for community-based enterprises to improve competitiveness on the local markets. Fifteen small enterprises participated in the training with promising results. Download the overview and two case studies:

pdf Community Based Enterprises.pdf


PREMA programmes have been successfully implemented in Vietnam for several years. The file presents the latest analysis of achievements for the whole country – in Vietnamese and in English.

pdf vietnamese1_GHK.pdf

pdf vietnamese2_GHK.pdf

pdf vietnamese3_GHK.pdf

pdf vietnamese4_GHK.pdf

pdf vietnamese5_GHK.pdf

pdfOverview Vietnam – Part1

pdf Overview Vietnam – Part2

pdf Vietnam_-_Case_studies-2007-2008_part1.pdf

pdf Vietnam_-_Case_studies-2007-2008_part2.pdf

pdf Vietnam_-_Case_studies-2007-2008_part3.pdf

pdf Vietnam_GHK_2011.pdfVietnam_GHK_2011_2.pdf

pdf Vietnam_GHK_2011_3.pdf