PREMA in Industrial Estates

The PREMA® approach suits also the needs and challenges in industrial estates. A 4-day module has been especially designed for use with the managers of industrial estates, who are ideally also owners of small- and medium-sized companies within the estate. This programme looks at the operation of an industrial estate and identifies improvement measures that could be offered as services for enterprises on the estate. Simple, visualized checklists have been developed to identify improvement opportunities in relation to:

  • Infrastructure, transport, use of surface area
  • Raw materials, solid waste, dump sites
  • Water provision, waste water, sanitation
  • Energy/electricity supply
  • Occupational health & safety, environmental impact, emissions (to air, soil, groundwater)

This programme strengthens the capacities of industrial estate managers to offer services and benefits to enterprises located within the estate. At the same time, entrepreneurs on the industrial estate are encouraged to optimise their use of raw materials, water, and energy and minimize and appropriately handle waste within their operations.

This programme has been piloted in Ghana on industrial estates for light enterprise (primarily car-repair and carpentry)