Printing and Paper

Various companies from the printing sector (e.g. offset-printing, gravure, paper production, corrugated cardboard production) have profited from PREMA by improving their processes and management. The case studies show improvement measures and the triple-win prospects from Germany, Egypt and Jordan. Most financial and environmental savings were achieved through better management of semi-products. Improved solvent handling improved working conditions and reduced the loss of valuable raw materials.

pdf Improved solvent storage, Jordan (2008)

pdf Reduction of copper consumption in the gravure process, Jordan (2008)

pdf Reduction of paper margine in offset printing, Egypt (2007)

pdf Reduction of developer solution in pre-press through benchmarking, Egypt (2007)

pdf Waste reduction though better handling of paper and semi-products, Egypt (2007)

pdf Elimination of Gravure failures through air conditioned computer room, Jordan (2008)