Textile Industry

This section provides selected case studies from the Textile, Weaving, Spinning, Leather and Fur Industry. They are categorised by Country, Measure and Company Name (if available). The case studies are provided in the local language or local second language. (e.g. Morocco: french, Brazil: portugese)


pdf Chemical Management (Nountex) – 2006 40.30 Kb

pdf Change in Nylonbags (Nountex) – 2006 31.50 Kb

pdf WorkplaceSafety (Nountex) – 2006 24.60 Kb

pdf Steam leakages (ElNasr) -2007 85.69 Kb

pdf Boiler Management (ElNasr) -2007 55.33 Kb

pdf Open Doors (ElNasr) -2007 47.07 Kb

pdf Machine operation management (ElNasr) -2007 38.01 Kb