For Enterprises


Global competition is now local

Globalisation has resulted in more international regulation and environmental and social standards for products and services. PREMA supports industries and hotels through building internal capabilities and processes to meet these challenges.

PREMA in Industries

PREMA® helps companies analyse their production processes from the perspective of Non-Product-Output (NPO). This helps identify the improvement potential of a company, thus reducing cost and environmental impact. PREMA® follows the cycle of change to ensure that all changes are implemented in a planned and sustainable manner.

When implementing PREMA® companies can:

  • Reduce production costs.
  • Reduce emissions.
  • Reduce wasted energy and raw material inputs.

Additional benefits are:

  • Better market competitiveness.
  • More financial transparency.
  • Better basis for future cost planning and budgeting.
  • Enhanced public image and corporate social responsibility (core brand attribute).
  • Improved communication with public authorities regarding environmental performance, modernization issues and investment protocols.

PREMA® trainers offer ample experience for the implementation of PREMA® in the industries of food processing, printing, textiles, wood processing, ceramics manufacturing and car repair. The training material is adjusted to the needs of these specialised sectors and available in several languages.

PREMA® in Hotels

The PREMA® methodology has also been successfully adjusted to the needs of the services sector. Hotels can improve their performance and reduce operational costs related to the use of materials, energy, water and waste. Furthermore, management processes are better defined and shortcomings identified; this means direct benefits to management, guests, staff, and the environment.