Founded in 2005, PREMAnet is a registered non-profit association which holds the stewardship of the PREMA concept and materials. It disseminates the concept and awards licences to trainers. The PREMA concept was initially developed and implemented by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ now GIZ) with finance by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The registered and certified members of PREMAnet support the planning and implementation of PREMA programmes worldwide.

PREMAnet functions to:

  • Promote the PREMA concept to relevant national and international organisations.
  • Support the planning and implementation of PREMA training, consultancy and coaching.
  • Train and license qualified trainers who facilitate the PREMA implementation and learning processes of enterprises and institutions.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information among members to foster learning and innovation within the PREMA Community of Practice.
  • Update and further develop training materials in several languages.

PREMAnet‘s excellence is based on the competitive know-how as well as the diverse training, consulting, coaching and facilitation skills of its registered and licensed trainers worldwide. Licensed PREMA  trainers are found and accessible on every continent and in a large number of countries.