About PREMAnet

In today’s global market sound environmental and climate change management and social responsibility play an increasing role in international policies. The bulk of global demand for products is increasingly tied to meeting social and environment-related standards.

PREMA is a training and consultancy programme designed for micro, small and medium-sized companies which produce goods or offer services. PREMA is also applicable in bigger enterprises with untapped improvement potentials and institutions (e.g. schools, offices). The successful implementation of PREMA rewards clients with four wins:

  • Economic competitive advantage and resource-efficient innovationreducing production costs and costs per unit (thus enhancing productivity)
  • Environmental→ adoption of green business practices by enhancing resource efficiency(raw material, water, and energy), minimizing carbon and water footprints, and using materials and energy preferably from renewable sources
  • Organisational→ development of agile and resilient business operations,effective implementation of improvements, and bottom-up/cost-effective achievement of certification (e.g. PREMA, ISO, etc.)
  • Social→ improved risk management and working conditions, retaining satisfied and productive employees and positive relationship with customers and the community.



PREMA networks international professionals…

PREMA is a trademark-protected training programme. It is a time-tested operational and organisational methodology, delivered through a global network of experienced and skilled trainers. PREMA is delivered by a multinational team of experts and licensed trainers while integrating qualified domestic knowledge and know-how.

PREMA implements measures practically to achieve a triple-win for the enterprise. The programme is designed to substantially

  • Reduce production costs.
  • Improve environmental performance.
  • Build organisational capabilities.

Our clients are international development organisations, consultants or individual companies in all sectors.