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A close-up and personal approach

PREMA® offers various modules that can be combined and adjusted to meet specific client needs. PREMA® modules help enterprises reduce cost, improve environmental performance and build internal capabilities.

PREMA® is designed to support the creative and interactive exchange of ideas. PREMA® trainers unleash the capacity of the company’s managers, who are considered the primary technical experts. The trainers provide practical tools and methods for developing innovative solutions and improving the potential of the human resources. The professional experience of participants and trainers make the essential resources to build on and achieve the triple-win reward.

The primary PREMA® client base includes:

  • International development organisations and government agencies
  • Industrial Associations and Business Chambers
  • Manufacturing or service-oriented entities (companies, industrial parks)
  • Hotels
  • Local and international consultants

Training cycles range from three days for a standalone module and up to six-months for a full PREMA® programme including implementation and network meetings.

A full PREMA® programme consists of 3-4 training modules, 4 company visits and 3 network meetings.

PREMA® creates the base for subsequent implementation of international certifications such as quality standards (ISO 9001) or environmental performance standards (ISO 14001).