Chemical Management

The Chemical Management module is specifically designed for enterprises that store, handle, use, produce or dispose of chemicals in their production processes. CM bases on the NPO approach and its improvement measures lead to a triple-win for the enterprise.

CM consists of two training modules of three days each; it can be used as a stand-alone tool or be integrated into a full PREMA® programme.

Course participants are trained to carry out risk assessments and to develop cost-effective control measures based on the total inventory of chemical production inputs. Therefore, CM equips companies to reduce negative impacts on human health and the environment.

Creating a chemical inventory serves as a sound base to meet the requests of the EU REACH regulation, which has been in force since June 2007. Adherence to this regulation is mandatory for all companies that want to sell chemicals and products containing chemicals to the European market.



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The target group are companies that:

  • Do not have a proper chemical management system.
  • Use a considerable amount of (hazardous) chemicals.
  • Spend a considerable amount of capital on chemicals.
  • Have ‘open’ processes, involving labour and exposure to chemicals.

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