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In today’s global market environmental protection and social responsibility play an increasing role in international policies. The bulk of global demand for products made in developing countries is increasingly tied to meeting social and environmental standards.

PREMA® is a training programme for small and medium-sized companies, producing goods or offering services. The successful implementation of PREMA® rewards clients with a triple-win:

  • Reducing the cost of producing goods and services.
    This increases profit margins for businesses and reduces operational budgets for services.
  • Improving environmental performance.
    This lowers the environmental burden caused by a company’s operation and optimizes the enterprise for managing upcoming environmental regulations. When companies reduce the use of inputs, they also save valuable natural resources.
  • Enhancing organisational capabilities.
    This enhances employees' responsibility and dedication, leading to improved enterprise performance and productivity.


PREMA® networks international professionals…

PREMA® is a trademark-protected training programme. It is a time-tested operational and organisational methodology, delivered through a global network of experienced and skilled trainers. PREMA® is delivered by a multinational team of experts and licensed trainers while integrating qualified domestic knowledge and know-how.

PREMA® implements measures practically to achieve a triple-win for the enterprise. The programme is designed to substantially

  • Reduce production costs.
  • Improve environmental performance.
  • Build organisational capabilities.

Our clients are international development organisations, consultants or individual companies in all sectors.

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