Our Concept

The PREMA® training programme is creative and interactive. It helps companies achieve a triple-win: Reduce costs, improve environmental performance and support change. PREMA® ensures a sustainable implementation of improvement measures by interlinking existing knowledge and new skills directly into the companies' day-to-day work.

PREMA® helps companies implement triple-win improvements. It is designed to substantially

  • Reduce costs of production.
  • Improve environmental performance.
  • Enhance organisational capabilities.

The core analytical element of PREMA® is the Non Product Output (NPO) approach. Participants analyse their individual production processes; then define process steps and its related inputs, desired outputs and undesired outputs, or what is called NPO.

NPO is best described as all the materials, semi-products, energy and water which are used in the production process but do not end up in the final product.

When companies link the waste of resources to financial losses, this automatically triggers ideas for improvement.  PREMA® trainers coach companies on step-by-step sustainable solutions. This innovative methodology requires little investment and it is executable in short-term cycles. PREMA® has been proving that business and the environment can coexist and thrive together.


PREMA® follows the six steps of the cycle of change to ensure sustainable improvements:

  • Fact Finding – Process Analysis
  • Consensus Building – Analysis of Costs and Environmental Impact
  • Mobilisation of Energy – Analysis of the Causes of Problems
  • Action – Development of Improvement Measures
  • Change – Implementation of Improvement Measures
  • Evaluation – Integration in Company Structures


PREMA® trainers also introduce presentation, visualisation, moderation, and team-building skills which are required to effectively implement measures and motivate staff to be more conscious of NPO. PREMA® enhances the problem-solving capacities of employees, and promotes networking between departments and even between companies in the same sector.

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