Linking PREMA© with Private Sector Promotion: A Successful Launch in Rwanda

by Joyce Miller

From an initial request for information about PREMA© in June 2013, it took all the way until mid-August 2014 for the CAPRESE team of Joyce Miller and Eli De Friend to land in Kigali to launch the first step of a training programme involving consultants and companies, at the request of GIZ’s Eco-Emploi
programme in Rwanda. This initiative marks an important link for PREMA© and PREMAnet e.V. with GIZ’s Private Sector Promotion division. As part of the priority area “Sustainable Economic Development” of the Rwandan German Development Cooperation, the Eco-Emploi program (June 2013-May 2016) has an objective to enhance the individual and joint performance capacity of public and private institutions for the development of sustainable employment through interventions in skills development, private sector development.

GIZ’s Eco-Emploi is tasked with developing new Business Development Services towards small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), supporting Rwanda’s interest in fostering “green economy” approaches. PREMA© was a natural fit for Rwanda –for building relevant skills, developing a new service specially tailored for SMEs, and using the improvements in resource efficiency that PREMA© promises to contribute to “green economy”. A total of 8 companies (including producers of construction materials, wood, and paint) hosted site visits and developed Action Plans, together with 14 local consultants, during PREMA© training carried out during 18-22 August 2014. With timelines for the implementation of improvement measures ranging from one week to two months, a first Network Meeting is already scheduled to take place on 7 October 2014, followed by additional training for the local consultants. In the meantime, distance coaching and support through webinars is being provided to keep the momentum going! There is great interest in forming a local PREMA© network. Stay tuned for more news coming from Rwanda in the near future!