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How to become a PREMAnet member?

To be a member of PREMAnet, you have to apply for membership with the PREMAnet Board and pay the first annual membership fee. Your application needs to be supported by two members, one of whom has to be an active member and a licensed trainer. Usually this person will be your trainer / coach. You should also present yourself to the Board via a 3’ elevator pitch. You can also use this pitch to present yourself to PREMAnet colleagues.

You qualify as an active member if you did either participate in a PREMA training or if you are a licensed trainer under PREMAnet e.V. provisions.

What are the advantages of being a PREMAnet member?

  • Free PREMAnet professional email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), use of PREMAnet website (e.g upload of local case studies) and PREMAnet youtube video platform (clips, pitches in your language)

  • Participation in training courses and online upgrading webinars, usually provided free of charge to members

  • Free access to working, training and presentation material for PREMA training modules (according to training level)

  • Be listed as a trainer on the PREMAnet website and entitles to receive communication about job offers from the PREMAnet Board

  • Use the newsletter and the publications of PREMA (case studies, testimonials, videos, pitches) to promote practical experience with the application of PREMA

  • Exchange of experience with other members of the PREMAnet Community of Practice (CoP) to improve personal and profressional performance as well as successful marketing of PREMA

  • Voting right in the PREMAnet e.V. General Assembly held on a yearly basis, virtually or physically

  • Virtual support for adapting PREMA to local job opportunities and other challenges

What do I have to do as a PREMAnet e.V. member?

All active members of PREMAnet have to pay a yearly fee to the association. The fee is currently 100 Euro for members from OECD member countries (excluding Mexico), and 60 Euro for members from all other countries (including Mexico). This fee is due on March 1st, of each year. In case of existence of a local network the membership fee might be lower. Passive membership fee is 45 € / year and will exclude certain rights (e.g. points 4, 7, 8).

Members are expected to actively participate in the exchange of experience of the PREMAnet CoP and to briefly inform the association about planned and implemented  PREMA activities as well as the respective results (e.g. via newsletter, case studies, testimonials, videoclips, or elevator pitches etc.).

In addition and according to the statutes of PREMAnet e.V., registered in Bonn-Germany as non-for-profit association, members have to respect the association's principles and support its objectives.

Find bellow a number of resources and important documents for new members:

icon Membership Application (137 kB)

icon CV Form (English)

icon CV Form  (Spanish/German; French/German, Russian/German - under revision / to be uploaded soon)

icon Premanet Statutes (English)

icon Premanet Satzung (German)

icon License Requirements  (under revision, to be uploaded soon)

icon Licensing Procedure  (under revision, to be uploaded soon)

icon User Regulations (under revision, to be uploaded soon)

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