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PREMA promoted at GTZ Headquarter

On 3. May 2010 two PREMAnet Board Members were invited by GTZ in Eschborn to present the experience of PREMAnet as a structure for disseminating the PREMA® family of methodologies. GTZ has signed a Cooperation Agreement with PREMAnet, which gives our association the to use PREMA® instruments, the to uphold their quality, and the opportunity to develop further applications. GTZ’s PREMA® Product Manager, Enrico Rubertus, organised this “Fachgespräch” meeting with the participation of 19 individuals from various GTZ departments/services as well as the German Development Service (DED). The participants were very interested to hear about how PREMAnet has evolved, over the past 5 years, into a global network of licensed trainers who can competently support companies in applying the GTZ-developed concept of Profitable Environmental Management (PREMA®). One valuable feedback from this meeting for PREMAnet is the opportunity that we have to competitively position PREMA®-related services on the basis that this approach enables companies to build the internal capacities to successfully manage change. This aspect significantly sets PREMA® apart from other instruments and approaches currently on the market. Dr. Joyce Miller, PREMAnet Chair,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Ali Ims, PREMAnet treasurer.

New PREMAnet Website

In February, PREMAnet presents itself on a newly designed web-site. It is designed for better communications with both, clients and members. A special member login allows the download of all relevant documents for training and promotion.

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